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Spring Plants your dogs and cats should avoid

Spring time is upon us! Here's some information to consider before you start your Spring planting!

Spring flowers and plants are so colorful and create beautiful landscapes! If you own a dog or cat or both, here are some plants you should stay away from to avoid deadly exposure.

Sago Palms. They are bright green and add lush color to any landscape. Ingestion can induce vomiting, liver failure, seizures and often times death.

Amaryllis and Lillies. This effects Cats mostly. If ingested, the most common reaction is kidney failure.

Lily of the Valley, Oleander and Fox glove. These plants contain Cardia Glycoside which is naturally produced by plants and can have devastating results if ingested.

Rhododendron. All parts of the rhododendron plant are toxic for dogs. Symptoms include gastrointestinal upset followed by weakness, paralysis, and abnormal heart rhythms. Large doses can be fatal.

Japanese Yew. Japanese yew contains toxins called taxine A and B, which can be fatal if ingested by dogs, cats, horses or people. The primary symptoms are tremors, difficulty breathing and vomiting as well as seizures in dogs. Ingesting the plant can cause sudden death due to heart failure. Any person or animal that has eaten any part of the plant needs immediate medical treatment. Strangely, the plant isn’t toxic to white-tailed deer, which relish the taste of the foliage. Because of its toxic properties, Japanese yew shouldn’t be planted in family gardens where children and animals play. The bright green foliage and red berries make festive holiday decorations, but you shouldn’t use them in homes with children or pets, or in homes where children may visit over the holidays.

Castor Bean. Castor Beans contain Ricin and are highly toxic. They can cause multiple organ failure and should be avoided by all animals.

Autumn Crocus. The Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) is a flower that physically resembles a true Crocus plant, but is actually a lily. This flower, if ingested, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, shock, seizures and possible death.

Hops. Hops are used in beer brewing. Ingestion by dogs causes their body temperature to sky rocket! Reported cases of Hops ingestion, temperatures spiked to as high as 108 which causes, organ damage or failure, brain swelling and kidney failure.

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